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Hi there! 
I'm so glad you're here.

So you're probably here wondering a couple things...

1. What is this blog all about?

2. Who in the world is this person?

Well, you're in luck because I'm going to fill you in on both of those questions!

  • This blog is all about things that bring inspiration on a daily basis. This includes blogs on design ideas, lifestyle hacks, teacher talk, travel updates, and just whatever happens to be on my mind lately. 

  • A couple things about me: I'm an independent, 20 something, Hoosier loving, teacher just trying to make the best of what this life has to offer. My faith, family, friends, and pup are my world.

My hope is that this blog reflects reality and not some picture perfect life, because my life is not and will not ever be perfect and that's just the way I like it. I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait learn more about you too! :) 

Alison E Lifestyle
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