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10 Easy Ways to Spoil Your Dog

This is Kai. She is essentially my child, and I cannot help but spoil her on a regular basis. I got her from a rescue organization about 6 years ago. I don't know a ton about her history, but I do know that she was a stray in Kentucky and spent many lonely nights out in the cold. To this day, she does not like the cold one bit. Now that this sweet girl is living with me, I love finding ways to spoil her and show her that she is one loved pup! 🐶❤️

Let the tails start wagging!

1. Put a dog blanket in the dryer and wrap your doggo in it on a cold day.

Truthfully, I got this idea from my mom. She used to do this for me on cold, winter days when I was a kid and it was heavenly! I love doing this for Kai now and just watching her melt into the warmth of the blanket.

2. Take a trip and order a pup cup from Starbucks for your pup.

This is a weekly occurrence for us! Kai loves saying hi to the Starbucks baristas too and I swear she has mastered the "sad eyes" face to get more whipped cream than usual.

3. Puzzles...believe it or not dogs love a good challenge just like their humans!

These puzzles are great if you want to challenge your pup and keep boredom at bay. You simply put little treats in the "hiding spots" and it's up to your dog to find them! The one I have linked is not the exact one Kai has but it is very similar. Watch Kai use the puzzle for the first time below. :)


4. Take them for a walk and change up the walking route.

WALK is a dangerous word in my house. If I say it, Kai comes sprinting out of whatever room she is in and lunges towards me ready to go! Walks are her favorite. She especially loves when I change up our usual route. It keeps her on her toes and gives her some variety. Taking your dog on longer hikes, shorter/longer walk, etc. will keep them interested!

The BEST harness I have HERE

5. Fresh collars! Kai truly loves getting her collar changed. She's a girly dog!

Okay, I'll admit it. Kai has a collar for every season. Eek! I love getting her fun collars and she loves it too. She wags her tail like crazy when I put a new collar on. It makes me laugh every time.

Favorite Collar Shop...Click HERE (Duke and Fox-Etsy)

6. Spend some one-on-one time with them, even if it's just 5 minutes.

If I don't give Kai enough one-on-one time, uhhhh I can tell! She is extra clingy, so taking some time to just be with my pup makes all the difference. It's truly what she wants and needs to thrive.

7. Paw balm massage...yeah this one is a little intense but necessary in summertime.

I didn't know about paw balm until last year and it is a game changer! Kai's paw pads get really rough in the summer from all of our walks, and massaging the paw balm in helps immensely. It makes them much smoother and I would imagine takes away the soreness rough pads would cause. When I use the paw balm regularly on her, she is less likely to lick her paws like crazy. Plus, Kai loves the little massage she gets!

Paw HERE (Honey Run Farm- Etsy)

8. Visits with other dogs.

Dogs are social animals. If they get a chance to visit with other dogs that they get along with, this can be very impactful for them. Kai loves to visit my parent's dogs. She knows all of their names and get CRAZY excited when she sees them. They're her buddies. ❤️

9. The Queen of the donut bed.

Do these beds come in adult size? I mean, seriously. 🤷🏼‍♀️ They are Kai's favorite and I don't blame her. She has two of them, and throughout the day, that is where you will usually find her. Dogs love being pampered with a sleep spot to call their own.

Donut Dog Bed...Click HERE (You and your pup won't regret it!)

10. Just PLAY with your sweet pup! Just one round of fetch can do the trick. :)

It's not a secret that dogs love to play! Kai is a fan of playing fetch, tug o' war, and practicing tricks to get a treat. Playing with your dog helps prevent boredom which also prevents other behavioral issues that could occur down the road. One of Kai's favorite toys is the burrow toy. She loves burrowing smaller toys into a bigger toy. It's hilarious to watch! Link is below. :)

Burrow dog HERE

That just about sums it up! If you have a dog or are thinking of getting one, I highly recommend thinking of ways to love on them. It truly does make a difference in their doggy lives and yours too! :)



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