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12 Winter Favorites (Indoor & Outdoor)

Midwest girl right here!🙋🏼‍♀️ And oh yes, I have witnessed some wicked winters in my lifetime. When you go through these types of winters, you eventually come up a list of items that help make those extra cold days go a little smoother.

My winter break is just coming to an end and good ol' Indiana has thrown some wild winter weather full of ups and downs our way in just a short 2 weeks. I know more is to come, so I thought this list might help anyone who experiences the harshness (but also beauty) that cold winters can bring. I could add way more to this list, but we'll keep it short and sweet for now!

1. Moisturizing Lotion

Less humidity=dry, cracking skin. 😬Yikes! I'm known to have lotion in my car and purse during winter for this exact reason. I try to keep it light on the fragrances but heavy on the moisturizing!

Some of my favorites:

O'Keeffe's Skin Repair Lotion

CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion

The Body Shop (Pretty much anything from here I love but the body butters are amazing! They've been a favorite for a long time. This does have fragrance in it, so avoid this if you are sensitive to that.)

2.Cozy socks and slippers

I'm one of those weird people who struggles getting to sleep with socks on, however, walking around the house in warm, cozy socks....I'M ALL IN! Some of my favorites are below:

Carhart Women's Socks (so cozy with boots or if you put lotion on your feet and socks over them, it leaves your feet SO SOFT!)

Soft Casual Crew Socks


Also, there’s just no going wrong with a good pair of slippers. My favorite kind are the ones you can wear inside but can also run a quick errand in or zip out to the mailbox in too. :)

Indoor/Outdoor Jessica Simpson Slippers

3. Throw Blanket & Heated Blanket

Hear me out on this one. I'm the type of person that sleeps with the fan on in the winter. I get hot very easily. lol Truth! But when I get cold in the winter time and can't shake it, a blanket is my go-to and a heated blanket is the ultimate luxury for me! I love being able to use the heated blanket to snuggle up in, sit on, or even just wrap around my feet. Instant warmth and comfort!

My all time favorite throw blanket (napping with it below)...seriously, amazing! 😌:

All season lightweight waffle weave blanket

4. Crockpot

Soups, casseroles, mac n' cheese, and just all of the yumminess! Crock pots make life so easy when you want a good, hearty meal in the winter time. Throw your ingredients in the pot, let it cook for a few hours, and say hello to a yummy meal!

5. Humidifier

I honestly didn't understand the power of a humidifier until I moved out of my parents' house. They had one built into their system, and my new place didn't. Every winter my nose would bleed and I had cracking skin and really dry lips at my new house. I couldn't figure it out, and then my parents told me to...GET A HUMIDIFIER. Life changer! Just having a small one in my bedroom changed everything, but I eventually got one built into my system (picture below) and has helped with the issues above and even headaches believe it or not!

Linking the one I used before I got my built in one!

Cool Mist Humidifier

6. Tissues with lotion

Being a teacher, I am susceptible to getting colds in the winter time. It's just bound to happen! I have learned over the years that having a stash of Kleenex with lotion in them helps prevent that burning feeling around your nose when you have to blow your nose a gazillon times. You will truly notice a huge difference when you use tissues with lotion in them.

Kleenex w/ Coconut Oil & Aloe

7. Candle

Okay so these might not just be a winter thing, but to me they bring a level of coziness to your space on those cold, bitter days. I especially love the ones that crackle like a fire. Instant warmth!

8. Pet Safe Ice Melt

My dog, Kai, loves taking walks anytime of the year, and I want to be sure the conditions are as safe as possible for her. My driveway is steep, which means I have to use ice melt on it or I risk not being able to drive up my driveway. lol. Some fun moments with this issue! So when choosing ice melt, I always try to buy a kind that is pet friendly for the beginning and ends of walks with Kai.

**When you go to the store or look online, I just look for a kind that is pet safe and kid safe-as well as non-toxic.**

9. Warm hat & gloves

Two essentials for a cold day for sure! You’ve got to love a good hat that keeps your head and ears warm and a nice pair of gloves that allows you to use the touch screen on your phone while keeping your hands warm. Check out one of my favorite hats at the link below!

CC Cable Knit Hat

10. Waterproof Boots

Snow, slush, puddles…yep that’s winter weather for you! Keeping your feet dry (and warm) is essential when walking outside on those winter days. I personally like my rain boots in the winter time (odd, I know) , but if I really want warmth, I’ll wear my warmer Sperry boots.

Ankle Boots

11. Faucet Cover

Who knew this existed? Well I sure didn’t until I became a home owner. These things simply give me the extra reassurance I need over the winter months that my pipes are being protected from the cold. These covers are amazing and I would highly recommend them!

Faucet Cover

12. A Good Shovel (That's easy on your back!)

I personally enjoy shoveling. I think it’s a good workout and I find it satisfying. Plus, I like listening to a good podcast while a shovel, but that’s beside the point! It‘s very helpful to own a shovel that takes the pressure off of your back. A curved handle or even a self assisting handle will make shoveling so much easier!

Those are just 12 of my favorites for winter, and I hope they give you some good ideas for items you can stock up on for the winter months ahead! ❄️

Keeping all of this in mind, winter can be a very tough season for many people. If you have the means or if you feel a tug in your heart to help others during these cold days, you can donate your time, items, or money to someone in need or your favorite charity. ❤️

Thanks for reading!



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