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5 Easy Steps to a Beautiful Backyard

Keep scrolling to see my backyard! :)

1. Function

Before you really dig into the backyard design process, you'll want to think about how you want your backyard to function. Is it going to be a place to entertain? To relax? To play? Do you need a lot of grass space? Do you love gardening and want a ton of plants?

Once you know the function of your backyard, it makes choosing items for it much easier!

2. Cozy Seating Area

A cozy and comfortable seating area is something that automatically makes a backyard space inviting and welcoming. I am all for investing in some high quality lounge chairs, a nice seating area, cushions, and maybe even some table for drinks, etc.

I have had my set for 6 years now and I absolutely love how it opens up a whole other space for entertaining and relaxing.

3. Twinkle Lights

These are a must when creating a relaxing backyard space. Even just one strand of lights can transform a space. Truly!

One thing I have learned over the years is that solar twinkle lights are the way to go! I don't like messing with plugs or batteries, because the lights just don't get used as often if I have to worry with all that stuff.

The BEST outdoor lights I've ever had! These are solar and will stay lit all night. They're beautiful and give off a warm glow. You can even buy two or more and connect them. See pictures at the bottom of the page to see them in my backyard. :)

Another favorite light are these in ground ones. They make any outdoor space very classy. Highly recommend!

4. Trees of Green and Red Roses Too

And it truly is a "Wonderful World" when you have the right plants splashing the right amount of color, providing enough shade, and creating your own personal garden oasis.

I love when the weather warms up here in Indiana just so I can get my flowers planted and ready to go for the spring/summer season.

Flower Favorites: Hibiscus, lavender, knockout roses, peonies, dalias, cone flowers (variety of colors), petunia, geranium, hydrangeas (lots of them!), tropical varieties, day lillies

Tree Favorites: Maple, red bud, oak, palm tree (wish I could have a bunch of these in my Indiana backyard)

Other Plant Favorites: Succulents, holly bush, rose of sharon hedge, boxwoods (can trim to any shape), tall grasses (zebra grass)

These heavy duty gardening tools are a must for planting and gardening. Key words: HEAVY DUTY! You will want tools that aren't going to bend on me!

This hose is a watering game changer!!!! Get it and you won't be disappointed. It expands and shrinks to the size you need and NEVER, literally never, gets kinked.

5. Accessories

This includes anything such as fountains, grills, outdoor rugs, sports equipment, umbrellas, a pool (MY DREAM), kid's playhouse, fire pit, stepping stones, and more.

I love having this fountain in my backyard. It's calming, easy to take care of, and I love that it lights up at night. So peaceful and beautiful!

This outdoor art adds so much color to my fence. I love it!

The little playhouse in the backyard is for my daughter's friend, although I would love a She Shed of my own! I couldn't find the exact one I have, but this one is similar and the same brand. It's so fun to accessorize and an amazing brand! (You will see it in the videos I posted below)

I hope this gives you some fun ideas for your own backyard! See some fun pictures and videos of my backyard from over the years below. It was definitely a labor of love, but I'm so happy with where it's at now. The only thing missing is an in-ground pool. 😉


My Backyard 🌿


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