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Bringing Summer Inside Your Home: Simple and Budget Friendly Ideas

1. Artwork

The quickest and easiest way you can instantly transform your home into a summer paradise is through artwork and pictures.

I have a big collage of summer-inspired pictures above my couch...the beach, waves, palm trees, seashells, the blue sky, sunshine, and more. I got these from The Poster Store. I have different sets of posters for each season.

2. Tropical Plants

Hello monstera greenery, big fig leaves, zeze plants, and lots of beautiful live plants! Taking care of my plants is satisfying and oddly calming, plus they're beautiful decor!

Bringing the outdoors in is just another way to bring summer inside. See my blog, House Plants 101 for more info on how to take care of house plants and the best ones to buy.

3. Scents

Imagine you're at the beach, poolside, or just relaxing on a warm summer day. What scents come to mind?

For's coconut, vanilla, florals, fresh fruit, summer bonfires, salty beach, etc. Whatever comes to mind for you, bring that into your home! I love to do this with candles, plug-ins, cleaning products, room sprays, or even body lotions/sprays.

A Few Favorite Candles for Summer: -Bath and Body Works: Tiki Beach Candle

-Woodwick Vanilla Bean

-Yankee Candle: Mango Peach Salsa

4. Accessories

Having accessories that go right along with the summer seasons can really freshen up any indoor space. Some ideas....beach/lake house decor (shells, ocean scenery, sailboats), strawberry/lemonade/pineapple etc. decor, summer things (popsicles, flowers, bright colors).

A Few Favorite Summer Accessories:

Lemon Hand Towel

Picture Frame

Beach Tapestry - I have one in my garage (love seeing this each time I get home and I have one in my classroom too! So.Fun.)

5. Music

Favorite Pandora or Spotify summer tracks? Hipster Cocktail, Bubblegum Oldies, Country BBQ, and Journey Radio. A little Bob Marley doesn't hurt either. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Setting the tone with music that reminds you of past summers is key. Better yet? Make your very own personalized summer playlist that you can put on repeat every summer and just keep adding to it. Have it playing through your house, your car, and in your backyard.

6. Memories from Summer

When summer comes around, I always find myself searching for those old summer pictures that bring back sweet memories of past sunny days. Pictures from the lake house, beach, summer trips to Chicago, backyard water slides, and family gatherings. After all, it's those amazing memories from summer that mean the most.

7. Colors

When I think of summer, I think of relaxing yet fun colors. I try to incorporate more blues, greens, yellows, and hints of pink into my decor. These colors can take any space and really liven it up! You can do this through pillows, artwork, rugs, place mats, picture frames, accessories, vases, etc. Twinkle lights, too! I also love to have the views from my windows filled with colorful flowers. This is a simple way to add a lot of color inside your home.

8. Vibes...Fresh, Fun, Relaxing

In the end, it's all about creating an environment that gives you those summer vibes.

Fresh: Bright colors, summer decor, crisp smells

Fun: Make it personal- decorate with those fun summer memories that take you back to your favorite times. Also, if you see a fun pattern or something you normally wouldn't decorate with but LOVE and it's in the budget...go for it!

Relaxing: The quickest and easiest way to do this for me is YouTube backgrounds and some good music. I loved putting up a calming, beachy background while I'm cleaning or just hanging out around the house. Instant summer vibes! Four of my favorites are below!

Some of my favorite Youtube Channels for backgrounds:

Coffee Shop Ambience

Calmed By Nature

Sea Cafe Ambience

In the end, bringing summer inside is all about decorating with items that remind YOU of sweet summertime.

💛 Ali


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