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Christmas: Cozy Decorations

Well, it's almost Christmas time and you know what that means! My house has been decked out in Christmas decorations since Halloween, so I figured it's time to post some of my highlights around the house and how I try to make it as cozy as possible.

The Tree:

I went for colorful ornaments this year. Pastel blues, red, gold, pink, and snowflake accents. It's stunning! I'm so stinkin' happy with how it turned out.

Tip: Prelit trees are the way to go! This tree took me less than 5 min. to put up. 👏

Ornaments: Target & Hobby Lobby

The Mantle:

I've always wanted a little Christmas village, but I never could find one that was a decent price. Well, I found one on Amazon...finally! Thank you Queen Amazon! This village looks absolutely dreamy at night just twinkling away.

Christmas Village: Click HERE

The Extra Touches:

Check out the fun Christmas village shower curtain! I love rotating in my winter scene collage from The Poster Store. I also love adding little trees anywhere I can, Grinch pictures, cozy pillows (Kai loves them too), and any fun artwork. It just adds to the Christmas excitement to turn the corner in my house and see all of these extra touches!

Advent Calendar: God With Us Ornaments

This is my all time favorite Advent Calendar, and I just started using it this year! I wish I had known about it a long time ago. Each day leading up to Christmas has an ornament with a beautiful stitch design representing a story from the bible. There is a book that goes along with this that shows a large picture of the ornament, tells the story from the bible for that day, has a prayer for each day, and has guided questions. It's kid friendly and such a blessing this time of year to remember why we celebrate Christmas.

God With Us Advent Calendar: Click HERE

Overall, my decorations for this year were minimal but cozy. I am thankful for the joy that they bring each day when I come home from teaching. They make me so happy and I hope this post did the same for you!



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