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Tour My 3rd Grade Classroom!

I moved schools this school year, so that meant a summer full of moving rooms, reorganizing, and redecorating!

Here's a peek into the process of it and the final result!

I absolutely love how everything turned out.

Check out the process of putting everything together....

When I first learned I was moving schools, they were still in the process of constructing our new school, so staff couldn't quite get in to start decorating and planning their rooms out. This was a blessing in disguise though, because it gave me lots of time to create, design, and best of all....LAMINATE items for my new room. When I laid it all out (picture below), I could NOT wait to get into my classroom and begin the process of hanging things up and unpacking.

This bulletin board was a beast but I'm so happy with how it turned out!

Things are starting to come together...

Add those finishing touches!'s time to get some students in here! I have an awesome group, and I'm so thankful for their caring hearts and work ethic. They are the reason I love my job, even during these crazy times.

If you want to learn more about my "why" for teaching and some essentials, check out my post, Teaching Essentials You Can and Can't Buy.

Here's what our classroom looks like, now that it's lived in a little bit. 😌

A few more fun spots in the room! may be wondering where I get this stuff.

  • Target

  • IKEA

  • Hobby Lobby (especially their scrapbooking paper!)

  • Amazon

  • Dollar Tree

  • I make it 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • TPT

Speaking of friend, Teresa, and I have a TPT store! Lots of the stuff you see around my room is on our TPT page. Check it out!

Fresh Creative Vibes- Teacher's Pay Teacher's Store

Here are some of my all-time favorites for decorating a classroom:

This bulletin board paper is the BEST! Hands down. It's more like wallpaper that you can use over and over again and it instantly transforms your classroom. It's worth the money!

These posters provide great information for students and they're cute! Can't beat that!

Just check out all of the colors these come in! They instantly make a classroom cozy and comfortable. Highly recommend!

I love using window gel clings to decorate the window next to my classroom door and on my classroom windows. The kids absolutely LOVE them too. It's such a simple and fun way to bring a little joy and color to your classroom. Anytime you can incorporate holiday decor, the kids adore it!

These are amazing to use for a sound check area. They look crisp and clean and they are so simple to use! (See picture above.)

This scalloped border is my favorite at the moment! It's created by a teacher and it looks so pretty around any bulletin board.


As I teach in my classroom more, I'm sure it will continue to change. I'll learn things that are useful to have around the room and things that are not. That's part of the fun of moving to a new school and a new room. It's a fresh start! I hope you enjoyed taking a peek in my classroom. It's such a fun place to be throughout the week.

Thanks for reading!



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